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Full-Time Professor

Chair-holder of the courses Editing Theory I and Software for Audiovisual Editing at UNSO. This university belongs to our public higher education system, which enjoys the highest national and international prestige.

Teaching Experience

Professional Training National Program
Editing Workshops

This program was focused on providing training in the editing field to professionals and active audiovisual workers from every province of Argentina. Committed to training editors from both public and private channels, as well as camerapersons, producers, and students in the new technologies of editing. 
All the content was related to the digitization of public signals, with the aim of incorporating efficient HD and 4K workflows that can adapt to the resources of each provincial TV channel. 
This program formally lasted from 2014 to 2019, although sporadic training sessions continue to take place. It was sponsored by SATSAID and the Ministry of Planning of Argentina. 

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