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About me

Editor, Teacher, Storyteller. 

I am a huge fan of storytelling; I love listening to stories and telling them. 

So, when I finished high school, I jumped into college to become a Mass Communication Researcher. However, all those volumetric books, discussing centuries of male theories based on Eurocentric experiences, were way too useless for me at that time.​ 

That boredom (and a teacher's advice) took me to film school, specifically "La ENERC", a place where every aspiring Argentinian filmmaker wanted to go, but few could get in. I was just looking for better ways to tell stories, accepted the challenge, and made it in. Three years later, I received my Film Editing degree. 

I spent the next ten years working on several projects- for love, for friendship, to pay my rent, for pleasure, for desire, to pay for my food, for ambition, by inertia, and for love again.

In 2018, I went back to college to obtain a Bachelor degree in Audiovisual Arts Education and became a teacher. So, I was able to properly teach and I traveled across my country, sharing my insights, workflows, and some new knowledge related to Digital Editing.

In 2021, I joined a team with others to give birth to the only open, free and public degree on film editing in a National University of my country, the Scalabrini Ortiz (UNSO). 

I never stop working. I live between timelines and classes, footage and books, softwares and blackboards, Buenos Aires and New York City. An image accompanied by sound is such a powerful tool that it was irresistible to me, and here I am: a proud editor, with a will to print my female Latin-American point of view in every piece I cut. That's who I am, and that's what I do. Here you have a little excerpt of my work. I hope you enjoy it.

CLACSO Postgraduate Network

Specialization in Teaching Social Sciences

  • Seminar 1: "Do Social Sciences in Latin America: Teaching and Research". (Language:Portuguese). Professor: Rebecca Lemos Igreja. Camilo Negri. April - July, 2022. Score: 7/10.

  • Seminar 2: "The Teaching of Social Sciences in the Face of the Challenges of Digitalization". Professor: Inés Dussel. Manuel Becerra. Patricia Ferrante. Sept - Dec, 2022. Score: 8/10.




UNTREF Postgraduate Programs

Diploma in Documentary Journalism. 

Partial Score: 9 (nine)

2018 - 2019

UNSAM - School of Humanities

B.A in Audiovisual Arts Education

Score: 9 (nine) 

2007 - 2009


Director of Film Editing

This film school is the most prestigious in the country and only 10 applicants are admitted each year. 

Score: 8.45 (eight/45)

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